E2E Testing with Protractor

Protractor is the UI testing tool for testing AngularJS apps. It uses Selenium to control the browser.

To write your own E2E tests, check our example E2E scenarios in scenarioo-client\test\e2e\specs.

For more information on Protractor see Protractor API Docs.

Run all E2E tests


  • Test data is in place and is not corrupt (generate by running gradlew clean build in scenarioo-docu-generation-example).

  • Scenarioo Viewer is up and running:

    • Scenarioo Viewer is built (run gradlew clean build in the project root directory).
    • Scenarioo Viewer backend is running (deploy scenarioo-latest.war to Tomcat under the /scenarioo context, IntelliJ can help with that).
    • Scenarioo Viewer frontend is running (run using npm start in project root directory).
  • Note: ChromeDriver will automatically be installed / updated when you run the E2E tests using the npm run ... commands.

Run Tests

Change into the client directory:

   cd scenarioo-client

Run the tests and also generate Scenarioo documentation (uses config file protractor-e2e-scenarioo.conf.js):

   npm run e2e-scenarioo

Only run the tests, without generating Scenarioo documentation (uses config file protractor-e2e.conf.js):

   npm run e2e

This should open a new browser window, run all tests and log test-information to the console.

Debug Protractor Tests

You can add either browser.pause() or browser.debugger() in your test code to set a breakpoint and start debugging from there. For details please see: http://blog.ng-book.com/debugging-protractor-tests/

Please note that this approach does not work in nodejs 8.x anymore. See issue 676.

Manually update ChromeDriver

If there's a problem with ChromeDriver, try the following commands.

On Linux:

./node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update --chrome

On Windows:

node node_modules\protractor\node_modules\webdriver-manager update

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