E2E Testing with Protractor

Protractor is the UI testing tool for testing AngularJS apps. It uses Selenium to automate the browser.

To write your own e2e tests, check our example e2e scenarios in scenarioo-client\test\protractorE2E\specs.

For more infos on Protractor see Protractor API documentation.

Run all e2e tests


  • Have a well configured and running Scenarioo server (Java backend)

    • The server has to use the newest version of demo configuration that is checked in here:
      You should copy the newest version of this file to your Scenarioo configuration directory before running the e2e tests.
    • Make sure you use the newest version of demo data generated by running JUnit tests in scenarioo-docu-generation-example before running the e2e tests (to be sure that there is now outdated old files it might be better to do a clean build of this project first!)
    • Make sure the configuration of your server has the directory configured to the directory where you generated the example demo data (change it accordingly!)
  • Have protractor installed (done in quickstart, by npm install)

  • Have the chrome webdriver installed (make sure your chromebrowser is up-to-date, > v30.x). This is done automatically if you use

    npm run pretest-e2e

    If there's a problem with the webdriver, try the following commands:

    On Unix systems:

    ./node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update --chrome

    On Windows:

    node ./node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update


    node node_modules\protractor\node_modules\webdriver-manager update

Run the tests

Open your console and change into the client directory.

   cd scenarioo-client

Serve the client using gulp:

   npm start
   gulp serve

Open a 2nd console and run the tests:

   gulp test-e2e-scenarioo

If you do not want to generate a scenarioo docu from the tests, run this:

   npm run test-e2e
   gulp test-e2e

Gulp runs the e2e tests according to the config file protractor-e2e.conf.js (no Scenarioo documentation) or protractor-e2e-scenarioo.conf.js (with Scenarioo documentation).

This should open a new browser window, run all tests and log test-information to the console.

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