Scenarioo Viewer Docker Image

Scenarioo provides a Docker Image to run the Scenarioo Viewer web application on your local machine, on a server or somewhere in the cloud.

The following page describes, how to install and run this docker image (it is more or less a one liner! :smile: ).


To run the Scenarioo docker image it is necessary to install Docker. Visit the docker installation page for installation guides.

Run Scenarioo Docker Image

You want to set up the scenarioo infrastructure and run the Scenarioo webapplication? It is a one-liner:

  1. Run sudo docker run -it --rm --name scenarioo -p 8080:8080 -v $(pwd)/scenarioDocuExample:/doku scenarioo/webapp:2.2.0
    with following parameters:
    --name - defines a name for the container (= running image)
    -p - maps a port of your host OS to the container internal port.
    -v - defines where the Sceanrioo-Docu-Directory is located (watch out: if you use $(pwd) you have to run the command in a specific directory)

  2. Access http://localhost:8080/scenarioo/ in your webbrowser to verify the running webclient.

More informations

The scenarioo docker image is hosted here on dockerhub.

More documentation about Docker can be found here.

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