Automated Documentation with UI Tests

An illustrative guidebook through application functionality as a better basis for communication and collaboration between business, development and operations.


Visual Guidebook of User Scenarios

Document the important user scenarios of your application with screenshots and arbitrary additional information generated out of your automated UI tests. The Scenarioo Viewer web app lets you jump, almost like a kangaroo, through the steps of the tested scenarios. These scenarios are grouped by use case for ease of navigation.

For Business, Development and Operations

Everybody involved in the development of your software can use the Scenarioo Viewer to browse the generated documentation comfortably. This is a common source of information and basis for collaboration for product owners, business analysts, product managers, requirements engineers, testers, supporters, developers and operations.

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Always Up to Date

Scenarioo is a living documentation that is updated whenever you run your UI tests on the build server. Scenarioo turns your UI tests into a functional documentation of your software that is always in sync with what is currently implemented.

UI Testing Toolkit Agnostic

Scenarioo provides a documentation format that is independent of your testing technology. It is possible to write Scenarioo XML files and screenshots from arbitrary UI testing toolkits and programming languages. For your convenience we provide a small Scenarioo Writer library that helps writing the documentation files from your tests written in C#, Java and JavaScript.


Scenarioo Viewer

Install the Scenarioo Viewer web application for browsing your generated documentations.

Download WAR Setup instructions )

Download and Run as Docker Image

Scenarioo Writer

Use a Scenarioo Writer library in your UI tests to generate documentations.

For Java: Get JAR from Maven-Central

For C#: Get NuGet Package (Instructions)

For JavaScript: Get npm package (Instructions)

For other Languages: Format Documentation to Implement your own writer

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