Scenarioo Release Notes

Version 4.0.1


  • #751 - Sharing Step Screenshot Sharing screenshot images through direct links with other applications works again, also the share this page dialog shows the correct link again.

Version 4.0.0

Feature "Diff Viewer Plus"

Improvements to the Diff Viewer for Visual Regression Testing:

Feature "Configuration"

  • The data directory can not be configured through the config UI anymore (for security reasons)
  • The data directory can now be configured through an environment variable or in the context.xml file of the web server (or just by directory mapping on the docker container, similar to before).
  • The configuration file of Scenarioo is now stored in the data directory. Make sure you move your old config.xml file to the data directory.
  • See Migration Guide for more detailed explanations.

Features "Small Improvements & Fixes"

Further small improvements and bug fixes:

Breaking Changes and Backwards Compatibility

  • Changed configuration of data directory location: you need to setup your data location and the configuration file as explained in the Migration Guide. This can not be configured through the frontend anymore.

  • Internal format of comparisons between builds (DiffViewer feature) has changed: after an update to the new version you will see no calculated comparisons on old builds anymore and need to reimport those builds for which you want to calculate and see comparisons again. See step 3 in Migration Guide.

  • Full Text Search needs Elasticsearch Version 5: we upgraded the full text search feature to use Elasticsearch 5.6.9. If you want to use that feature your have to configure a compatible Elasticsearch server and a cluster name as described in Full Text Search Setup Guide

  • Some undocumented REST endpoints for the frontend have slightly changed: in case you used these services you have to adjust the usage:

    • /builds/reimportBuild/{branchName}/{buildName} is now /builds/:branchName/:buildName/import

Apart from that there are no breaking changes.

The Java Writer Library in use is still version 2.1 which is still compatible with Java 6 and upwards. Also the internal format version is not increased (still 2.1) so that your existing documentation data does not even have to be reimported after the upgrade and will continue to work with the new version (except for the comparisons).

Fixed Issues

All issues fixed in this release: List of Fixed Issues.

Known Issues

Please visit our List of Known Issues on GitHub.

Feedback and Support

Don't hesitate to open new issues if you find a bug or problem, or have feedback or questions:

Version 3.0.0 and Earlier


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