Scenarioo CI/CD Build and Demo Server

Jenkins CI/CD Build Server or (both forward to

The server is maintained by adiherzog. Contact him if you need a Jenkins account.


Latest release:

Development for future release:

Your special feature or release branch (if it has a CI/CD-build-job):{branch-name}

Jenkins Pipeline

Whenever you push a new branch to the scenarioo repository it is automatically built.

Setup of Build Server

There are a number of aliases defined in the .bash_aliases file of the ubuntu user. They all start with sc- and lead to the Tomcat, Jenkins and the Scenarioo data directories.

Restart Tomcat Manually

  1. SSH to the demo server:

    ssh -i .ssh/Scenarioo-Keypair.pem ubuntu@
    (you need the key for that! ask one of the Leads if you need it)

  2. Stop and start tomcat:

    sudo service tomcat7 stop
    sudo service tomcat7 start

Alternatively just use the alias sc-tomcat-restart.

Automatic Tomcat Restart Every Night

A cron job restarts Tomcat every night at 3am:

0 3 * * * service tomcat7 restart

List cron jobs: sudo crontab -l Edit cron jobs of user: sudo crontab -e

Regular Smoke Test

The Jenkins job scenarioo-smoketest-demo checks between 4am and 5am each day whether the master and develop branch demos are still available. If that's not the case an e-mail notification is sent to

Setup of E2E Tests on Build Server

This image is a bit outdated, since we started using Jenkins Pipelines, but the basic procedure is still the same.

End to End Tests Scenarioo Protractor

CI Tools Installation and Configuration

Further Details about all tools installed on the CI can be found in CI Server & Tools Configuration and further sub pages per tool.

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