Downloads and Links

This page informs you where you can get the different versions (stable and unstable) of Scenarioo from and where you find a running demo instance for each of these versions on our CI/CD/Demo-Server.

Scenarioo Viewer Web App

Latest Stable Release

Release Candidate (develop)

Our current release candidate for the develop branch with the next version of Scenarioo can be found here (it may include unstable new functionality):

Other Special Versions

For some important other feature branches or forks, there might be a build job in our CI/CD-Pipeline with a running demo instance:

  • Check the CI/CD-Build-Server for a job called scenarioo-{name-of-branch} or scenarioo-fork-{name-of-fork}
  • Try out the running Demo under{put-same-name-as-the-build-job-here}
  • You can download the WAR from last successful artifacts inside this build job, if you need it for deployment.

Scenarioo Writer Libraries

These are the libraries you can use in your tests to write Scenarioo documentation reports on test execution:




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