Scenarioo Validator

The Scenarioo Validator is a command line tool that validates produced Scenarioo documentation folders and files.

It is helpful when developing writer libraries (scenarioo-cs, scenarioo-js) in order to assure that the produced output can be successfully imported by the Scenarioo application.


Run this command in the scenarioo-validator folder to build the validator:

$ ./gradlew clean installDist

From the folder scenarioo-validator navigate to build/install/scenarioo-validator/bin.

Run the validator by providing the path to your documentation data directory.


$ ./scenarioo-validator <PATH_TO_YOUR_DOCU_DIRECTORY>


$ ./scenarioo-validator.bat <PATH_TO_YOUR_DOCU_DIRECTORY>


 scenarioo-validator [-c] <pathToDirectory>
 -c,--clean-derived   If set, derived files will be deleted before

Implementation Details

The tool uses already existing functionality from scenarioo-server. It validates the given directory by importing it with and

See org.scenarioo.validator.ScenariooValidator for a starting point.

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